Solomon Wildcard Snowboard rental
Salomon has created a system for fitting snowboards that allows us to get the correct fit every time. By riding the right board, you progress faster and have more fun! Stable and forgiving, these boards are a blast for every age and skill level. Wild colors, too! TUNED AFTER EVERY USE!

Available in 100cm • 110cm • 120cm • 130cm • 140cm • 145cm • 149cm • 155cm • 160cm • 163cm



Reserving for more than one person? Please fill out a separate form for each skier in your party and Add to Cart when completed. At Checkout, the total amount due for all submitted reservations will be payable upon arrival in-store. NOTE: If length of intended rental period varies within your party, please place those order(s) separately.

    This reservation is for...

    Same day pick up by 9:30am

    Please return by 5:30pm

    A $2.00 Damage Waiver Fee per Ski is charged with all reservations. This fee is not insurance. It protects you from incurring expenses related to accidental damage to your rental skis occurring during your usage.

    • 2 $

Occasionally your ski choice may be unavailable on the day requested especially on Weekends and during Holiday Weeks. If this should occur, we reserve the right to replace your choice  with a comparable model.

Please review order carefully for accuracy before submitting.